Relationships are enriching and exciting, but at times can be hard work and a source of worry or anxiety


As a relationship educator I work with individuals, couples or groups in secular, Christian and corporate sectors providing psycho-education programs based on the latest research by leading professionals in the relationships field


In these experiential, skills based programs I aim to provide participants with useful tools to establish, enrich, or improve their relationships

Programs currently available:


Whether you are newlywed, cohabiting or have been married for years PREPARE-ENRICH  provides you with tools for long successful relationships

marriage preparation


Developing a deeper understanding of your partner, yourself by learning practical skills to establish and enhance existing relationship dynamics. Suitable for couples considering marriage, already engaged, cohabiting and/or wanting to commit to a long term relationship


Connect & Re-direct

Transforming challenging parenting times into opportunities to connect with and bring up emotionally intelligent children


Full House

These days many young adults are staying at home for longer to save, or get a better start in life. As parents we love our children and want the best for them, but sharing a home with young adult children presents some unique challenges that can be hard to navigate. Here we explore strategies to make this a positive, enriching experience

For more information on the duration, cost and format of these programs please contact me below